Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We are one cycle out.  Cue outward calm and inner freak outs.

Since we're aiming for a natural cycle, dates are at best educated guesses. That being said, we're looking around the Ides of June.  Right in the middle of the kids' swim lessons so I guess Grandma gets to tackle that one.  Sorry, Grandma, I'll buy you a Route 64 Diet Coke from Sonic to make it up.

My meds are being ordered.  Paperwork is nearly complete.  Just a few more forms to have notarized. And we have to update our own infectious disease screening.

Oh, and there's the minor detail of transport. Our adopted embryos need to be shipped here from wherever they are. I don't actually know that detail this time (just never asked; I could find out if I inquired).  Hopefully this won't be problematic. I'll certainly breathe a sigh of relief once I know they've arrived and are waiting for us.

Tick tock goes the clock.  Seems like we've been waiting forever for transfer!

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