Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting closer

We have shipping dates!

On Tuesday, May 27, the tanks will be sent from my clinic to genetic parents' clinics.  Each set of two embryos will be loaded up and returned for delivery to my clinic Wednesday, May 28.  That's next week!!!!

We're just in a holding pattern right now, waiting for cycle day one (still about ten days out from that).  All of my meds are ordered, some are already here.  Because we're following my natural cycle, I'm not on any medication currently (other than allergy meds, but that's just due to pollen count, not cycling...)

Just need to get one more form notarized and then I can hand it over at my first appointment.

We are getting closer and closer!

PS.  Could you please say a quick prayer that transport will be smooth and uneventful and the embryos will remain safe?  Thank you.

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