Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1.  We're at the in-laws' this weekend for several festivities.  However, the first thing that occupied our time upon arrival was letting our Great Dane, Hank, meet their new dog, Dax, a Malamute.  This turned into a several hour game of chase for the two dogs.  In case you are curious, one Dane and one Malamute is a lot of dog.  They're both passed out now which is good as we can all recover from their enthusiasm.

2.  Tomorrow is my 11th wedding anniversary.  As a special gift to my husband, I've lost my voice and am barely talking.  ;-)  I jest, but there are probably spouses everywhere who are envious of my husband's good fortune.

3.  It seems ironic that after seeing a slate article talking about the potential health hazards of participating in mud runs, namely ingesting dirty mud, that I'll be doing just that tomorrow.  A mud run. Not ingesting mud.  No thanks, my mouth stays closed! This is sort of an anniversary treat for us, completing a land version of Wipeout accessorized with foam and mud.  I know, I know, not what you might chose for an anniversary outting.  What can I say?  We're weird folks.

4.  I am following a local homeschool consignment group on Facebook.  Last week I bought my first purchase, our reading book for $6 in brand new condition (normally $22).  I was inordinately pleased with my deal.  On the other hand, every time someone lists Handwriting Without Tears for sale, it's gone in a flash and I miss it.  Seriously, yesterday I viewed a listing that had been claimed two minutes after it was listed.  Two minutes!  I can't compete with that!

5.  We finished our preschool coop this past Tuesday.  It is truly amazing how that little group grew together through the year and how much we're going to miss everyone next year.  Darn military lifestyle!  (All four of us families have active duty husbands; at least two of the four are moving this summer and one is in limbo.).  I tried to post a picture, but blogger and the iPad are not cooperating.

6.  Sunday we will be celebrating my brother-in-law's college graduation and his military commissioning.  Bryan got to commission him last weekend.  Pretty sweet deal.

7.  My sister is returning from Estonia where she put her National Guard skills to use covering a story on bomb disposal techniques.  I'll just let you ponder that one for a moment. There aren't really words I can use to describe that...

And, on that note, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.    Obviously I have a special fondness for our service members, but I think most people will have at least one family member who has sworn to protect  and defend our nation, either in the past or currently.  Thank you.


  1. Visiting you through Jen's 7QT. So very cool and inspiring about the embryo adoption. Thank you.
    And: cool about your sister in Estonia! We are hosting an 11-year-old Latvian orphan this summer for 5 weeks through an orphan-hosting program… so, that general part of the world. Excited!
    Blessings to you guys, and good luck on your run.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Susan! Are you potentially adopting the 11 year old or are hosting for local orphan awareness?