Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's GO time!

Normally infertile couples dread cycle day one because it's a tangible reminder of everything that did not occur in the prior cycle.

No such dread this time!  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get this process started.  It will be almost exactly six months since our last transfer and we are READY.

As we're doing an unsuppressed, "natural" cycle, I don't have to take very many medications.  (Unsuppressed and natural mean this transfer cycle will follow my own natural cycle and the only hormones taken will be used to supplement those my body naturally produces.)

Right now, Bryan and I both are taking z-packs, in the middle of that five day regimen.

Today I started my thrice daily oral estrogen dosage.

I'll make a trip down to Austin probably either Tuesday or Wednesday for my baseline ultrasound.

The next dates are a little fuzzy, since I don't yet have my "official" FET calendar yet.  I can make a good guess at each date, though, since these embryos are Day 6, just like my December transfer.  So the protocol should be very similiar.

That means I'll head back down to Austin again around June 12 for my lining check.  If everything looks good (and by "good" I mean is my uterine lining nice and plump, am I still pre-ovulatory, and so forth) then I'll start progesterone the next day (crinone, in case you're curious).

By my estimates, the transfer will probably be June 18, give or take a day.

Both sets of embryos arrived safe and sound at our clinic last Friday.  In case you were wondering, we are only thawing/transferring one duo, the older set.  Well, I say older, but really I think there's only about six months between the creation dates of these two sets (one in 2007, the other set in 2008).  God willing, we will thaw and transfer the other set of two a few years down the line.

The kids and I had a long discussion at lunch, prompted by the reappearance of my estrogen pill bottle (I take one pill at each meal, so I keep it at my place on the table).  Cora and Mac have decided to resurrect the names Habeep and Bappio for these waiting embryos. 

I ask your prayers for Habeep and Bappio, for Cora and Mac, and for Bryan and myself.  For hope and joy and trust.

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