Thursday, March 19, 2015

On Love

1.  Violet weighed in at an estimated 3 lbs 3 oz at my 29 week MFM appointment.  I'm 30 weeks now. It's amazing how the love one feels towards a child is not proportionate to the size of the child.  It just grows and grows and is seemingly limitless.

2.  Salsa love.  Bryan doesn't like the type of salsa I'd been buying. Since I'm grounded from grocery shopping (due to health, not poor behavior), Bryan's had the honor of buying groceries.  I wrote "salsa" on the list thinking he'd be pleased to finally buy a flavor he liked. Instead he came home with the exact same thing we had before (that he didn't like) because he knew I liked it.

3.  My friends threw a surprise little baby shower for me.  And I really was totally surprised!   Plus, I got to take home all the child-decorated onesies for Violet.  :-)

4.  Bryan folded the laundry on his day off. This was no meager feat.  While I'm keeping up with washing and drying clothes, we had a week's worth of clean clothes sitting in our room.  He folded all of it. And I didn't even notice at first!  Sometimes my powers of observation are a bit suspect.

5.  Kids are slightly more than half way through the March madness of doctor visits.  And they're troopers! We have a bag of special doctor office treats (coloring books, stickers, tootsie pops for rewards, etc.) and so far, it's helped tide off the boredom of waiting.

6.  Somehow the twins had never seen a puppet show until this past week. Their reactions to the library's production were absolutely priceless.

7.  Bryan voluntarily took the kids hiking last week.  They brought me back some large feathers. And graciously left behind the small mammal vetebrae.

8.  Since Monday I've been having a lot of contractions.  Per my Tuesday MFM appt, these are just Braxton Hicks contractions.  I am so thankful for all the people, family, friends, and especially Bryan, who have stepped up and offered even more help.  Or at least check in to make sure I'm resting and hydrating like I'm supposed to do.

Pictures will be coming soon, both of the bump and of Violet.  In the meanwhile, know we are both growing. :-)

Many thanks for the continued prayers!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

House Arrest

My plans for the month of March drastically changed last Wednesday.  We had an "ice day" here Tuesday and my scheduled MFM (maternal fetal medicine) appointment was moved to their home office on Wednesday.  I went into the appointment expecting that I'd be put on restricted activity. And I was right.

I officially have an "incompetent cervix", a broad term to describe any cervix that is being contrary.  And mine is being contrary. It should measure an average of 3.5 to 4 cm in length in the 24-28 week range of pregnancy.  At 25w6d, I measured a 2. And then at 27 weeks, I measured about a 1.6.  I had the same issues when I was pregnant with the twins and measured around a 1.5 at 28 weeks with them.  (Basically all this just means I'm at a higher risk factor for pre-term delivery.)

So, restricted activity aka house arrest.  Studies are not conclusive that bed rest will do anything to successfully delay labor.  However, perinatologists are a cautious sort by nature.  My current protocol is to limit standing and activity; the couch is to be my best friend.

The month of March now has nine doctor appointments lined up: five MFM, three OB, and one dentist. Can't neglect those pearly whites.  However, no more grocery shopping for me, no shopping really of any kind. Limited outings all together unless I can rest.  Housework is restricted to easy meal prep and occasionally throwing laundry in the direction of the washer.

Thanks to Christmas gift money, a cleaning service is starting this Friday. I am so excited about this! Well, other than the fact that the kids, dog, and I will have to hibernate in place during each biweekly cleaning session...

We're about a week into house arrest and already I am bored.  Pinterest is not really my friend.  Crafts are a great idea for the kids, except that involves prolonged sitting. And prep work.  And then clean up.   Or I find delicious recipes on Pinterest that demand more prep work than I can give. Or appeal only to me.  I seem to be pinning a lot of avocado recipes lately and you know Bryan could care less about those. I even pinned a Brussels sprouts recipe - what has happened to me?!  Must be delusional in my couch-ridden state.

On nice weather days, I can send the kids to the back yard and try to ignore the grass/dirt tracked in by them and the dog.  But even Texas has been having some less desirable weather lately and we're all stuck inside together. Legos and coloring books and and puzzles and Go Fish and Magic Treehouse books and blanket forts occupy our time. But that repertoire is becoming limited already.

I think we might just start doing a little bit more homeschooling. We need a bit more scripted activity during the day but it has to be things that can be accomplished with minimal physical output.  For me.    In the meanwhile, I've got to get these kids to burn off some more energy!  Hmm, maybe I'll take up old people chair aerobics? The kids can do those with me.

I don't want to come across as whining or griping. I really do have so much to be thankful for!

I am thankful my doctors are watching over me. I may think they are over cautious (for example, I already received the steroid shots that strengthen baby's lungs in the event of an early delivery), but they know the best  possible growing environment for Violet right now is on the inside.   And they'll do what they can to keep her womb-bound for as long as possible.

I am grateful my husband is in town and can do the grocery shopping (no online delivery service around here).

I am thrilled my doctors allow me to bring the kids in tow (other than the dentist).  Finding this much childcare would be not fun.

I am ecstatic about today's technology:  Facebook, Pinterest, kindle, blogger, amazon... I can take care of a lot of needs online, both physical and mental.

And I am truly blown away by Violet's growth.  She is beautiful and growing at or ahead of schedule.  She also currently has the hiccups.

Thank you all for your prayers.  I have felt comforted and calmed.  Please continue to pray that we have a good while longer before we meet Violet face to face and that we all survive the interim.