·         Graduated from the University of Dallas.

·         Got married.



·         Dismissed by first OBGyn for infertility concerns. "You're young, don't worry!"



·         Pursued female infertility testing as Bryan didn't have medical insurance at the time. Worked with a semi-local GP who had Napro training. Test after test came back "all clear".

·         Bryan joined the Army.



·         Army moved us to a different state.

·         Continued female infertility testing. Still "all clear".

·         Slowly began male infertility testing (slow due to navigating Army medical referrals).



·         Received infertility diagnosis (nonobstructive azoospermia).

·         Learned of embryo adoption for the first time.

·         Began to research all adoption options.



·         Deployment.

·         Chose embryo adoption and agencies.

·         Completed home study upon Bryan's redeployment.


December 2008

·         Church released Dignitas Personae.

·         Temporarily halted embryo adoption proceedings for further research.



·         Resumed process with Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program.

·         First match of four embryos (frozen in 2004) in spring.

·         Frozen embryo transfer (FET) in May. Singleton pregnancy. Miscarried in July.

·         Rematch in fall with three embryos (frozen in 2006). FET in November. Twin pregnancy.



·         Girl/boy twins born in July. Full term and healthy.



·         Another deployment.



·         Army moved us to a different state.

·         Completed home study for another round of embryo adoption.



·         Reapplied to Snowflakes. Requested large enough embryo set for two transfers.

·         Matched with two separate small sets instead (with our permission).

·         First set had three embryos (frozen in 1998). FET in May. Unsuccessful transfer.

·         Second set had two embryos (frozen in 2003). FET in December. Twin pregnancy.



·         Miscarried in January.

·         Requested a rematch. Matched again with two separate small sets.

·         First set had two embryos (frozen in 2007). FET in June. Unsuccessful transfer.

Upcoming:  We have one final set of two embryos (frozen in 2008) waiting for us.  We plan to do our final FET in September of 2014.  And then we will be done with embryo adoption.  Not necessarily done growing our family, but done with EA. 

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