Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finally, an adoption update

At long last, contracts are in!  It took us a few days to get our personal contracts notarized and mailed off.  In the meanwhile, it took the genetic parents a few weeks to get their portions done.  I'm glad we weren't crunched for time because the process this time around has taken FOREVER.

I had my hysteroscopy completed a few weeks ago. Unpleasant, but all clear.  However, it did bump my timeline back a bit for the embryo transfer.

All we have now is clinic paperwork (have to re-enroll in their system each transfer) and then we'll hit the ground running.

Our four adopted snow babies should be shipped this way within the next few weeks.

I'll start meds end of May or beginning of June.  Really, really, really hoping to avoid birth control and do a "natural" cycle this time.   BC for me equals crazy psycho woman.   Given past experiences, I'd basically need to live in the Confessional by week two on birth control.

Right now, my estimates put the transfer the last week of June.  Yay!!  And yet still so far away...

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