Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nothing new to report

I'm antsy.  I've been antsy for a while now, just waiting for news, for things to happen. 

Bryan will be transitioning to a different unit.  Soon.  Don't know when.

A handful of local friends may be moving.  Soon.  Maybe.  Don't know when.

We will be matched.  Soon.  Maybe.  Don't know when.

Our tax refund will be in.  Soon.  Don't know when. 

Actually, I do have an idea when we'll receive the tax refund.  I was just continuing with my literary device.  ;-)

I know we're a little harder to match than way back when we started this whole embryo adoption business (2008/2009).  We already have two children and some donating families prefer their embryos to go to families with fewer children. 

We're Catholic and for some placing families that prompts them to run away screaming.  At least, that's how it plays out in my head.  It's probably far less dramatic in real life.

We're military and lead a somewhat transient lifestyle.  Perhaps that scares genetic parents too?

We're seeking a semi-open relationship with the donating family.  I want any resulting children to be able to know their "first parents" (the terminology we've been using) if the child(ren) so desire.  And maybe that frightens off some potential matches also?

It's a real shame my antsy feelings don't translate into spring cleaning.  My house could sure use it.

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