Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Funnies

7 posts in 7 days link up - Day 5 (more than half way!)

Earlier this week, I spent one afternoon sitting on the driveway planning my preschool lesson while the kids pretended to put out fires.  They wore their monkey and owl backpacks filled with fire fighting accouterments, protected their heads with fire hats, and rushed from emergency to emergency on their trusty fire scooters.  No lives were lost, no injuries sustained thanks to the efforts of the Trusty Firefighting Duo.

For the last twenty-four hours, Mac has been calling Bryan and I "Dude".  He's seen Finding Nemo before, but not recently.  And he's never seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  So we're at a loss where he learned this term and why it's worked its way into his vocabulary.  Example:  I say, "Mac, go find your socks."  He replies, "Okay, Dude!"

Parenting gone awry.  The kids do a great job of saying "excuse me" after they burp.  Unfortunately, I've also taught them to say "Now you have room for more food!" to the burper.  Oops.

While the kids don't always nap, they do go down for "quiet time" for about an hour and fifteen minutes each afternoon.  They're allowed to take one quiet toy with them in addition to an assortment of stuffed animals and books.  Cora's choice the last two days?  A scientific calculator.

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