Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Learning how hard to push

Oh look, it's a two for one sort of day!

I've really been struggling with waiting patiently during this matching process.  I trust the matching coordinator has our best interests in mind as she coordinates matches.  But I also know she's busy.  And sometimes busy people lose track of details accidentally.

In order to avoid driving the social worker crazy, I'm only allowing myself one email per week questioning the status of our match.

I'm trying to find the balance between pushing for information and being pesty.

We turned down the first match two weeks ago.  Last week, I was told our profile was out for review.

This week I was more impatient and I asked if we were dealing with just one slow family or had been turned down and were off for consideration by a different family.  (With embryo adoption it seems  both genetic parents and potential adoptive parents typically say yes or no to a profile within a few days.)

Just one slow family.  So my pushing prompted the social worker to push the genetic parents.

And it turns out our matching profile was eaten by their spam folder and they never saw it.


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