Monday, March 4, 2013

Dare I say we're picking up speed?!?

While I haven't yet received a final yay/nay from our clinic, I think we are now successfully matched with two separate families.  Both families are described on the Snowflake Waiting Embryos page - "Sandy and Bryan" and "Kay and Fred".  I'm already daydreaming away about what our future children/family will look like.  ;-)

We've received word that our taxes are finally being processed by the IRS.  Hooray!  Our refund is financing the remaining costs of our adoption so I've been getting increasingly antsy.  For some unknown reason, student loan interest caused delays in the processing of taxes.  However, we're moving once again.

And, in other delightful news, Nightlight has gifted us with a scholarship from their Babushka Fund!  So far our current snowflake adoption is shaping up to be about $6k cheaper than last time.  Our homestudy was with a different agency this time and MUCH cheaper.  We received a credit from Nightlight as a "returning family".  And now we've received a scholarship.  Yay! 

If everything plays out as it is tentatively arranged in my head, then we'll be probably do the embryo transfer sometime the week of May 12.  Our plans are to thaw and transfer all of "Sandy and Bryan's" embryos first, since those embryos are older (1998 vs 2003).  Best case scenario, we'll have a successful transfer followed by a healthy pregnancy followed by an uneventful birth of one or more children.  And then we'll do another transfer with "Kay and Fred's" embryos a few years down the road.  Only God knows how things will actually unfold, but I'm praying hard for these little lives!

Random factoid number one:  Cora and Mac are our first, and therefore oldest, children (born in 2010).  However, since they were created in 2006 versus 1998 and 2003 of the embryos we're hoping to adopt, they'll actually be the youngest of our children.  Weird, huh?

Random factoid number two:  My tenth wedding anniversary approacheth.  Due to events that are likely to take place in May and early June, our special anniversary getaway probably won't occur until late June.  We're hoping to go "glamping" here

By the way, hubby HATES the word "glamping". 

Anyway, if you have a moment, look at the pictures.  Gorgeous!  Peaceful!  Expensive, so we'll only be gone a short while.  But hey, after a decade with each other, we both deserve a hearty pat on the back and a nice splurge.  ;-)

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  1. Congrats on your scholarship!! I love the term "glamping". Looks like a fabulous place. You'll have a fabulous time!