Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Moving would be a good reason to be stressed.  Except that we, amazingly enough, already found the next house we want to rent.  It'll be so nice to live in a house that's been loved by its owners, as opposed to the plan white box standard rental.  And it's so nice to check something off our list!  And, as an added perk, the landlords allow all types of dogs, so we might, just might, have another Great Dane in our future!

The approaching embryo transfer could be a good reason to be stressed.  And it is, but not in the way one may think.  We've selected a tentative transfer date, May 10, and are just in a holding pattern with the clinic until it's time to start "manipulating" my cycle. 

Our tax refund came in so now we have the money to finance these last steps.  Another HUGE stressor checked off my list.

One set of genetic parents is on top of things - the infectious disease screening and paperwork.  The other set of GP is MIA and not responding to the agency emails.  It's spring break time so maybe that could account for the gap in communication.  I can keep telling myself that, but I know that it's been several weeks since the Snowflake Program has received communication from this family.  Contracts haven't been signed yet which means embryos can't be shipped yet which means no embryo transfer. 

I'm trying not to be a melodramatic lady, though you may not be able to tell that from my previous sentence.  :-/  We still have some time.  We're about six weeks out from the proposed transfer date - it is definitely still possible!

That brings me to today's prayer request - can you please ask God to give these genetic parents a nudge?  That they please resume communication in a timely manner? 

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