Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seven Weeks

I am jumping over hurdles.

My bloodwork came back with a continued healthy increase. I have passed the hcg level of my last miscarriage.

And today I am seven weeks pregnant. I have passed the point of my last miscarriage in dating too!

I did learn Monday that it is advisable to avoid having the flu while having "morning" sickness.  Not that any of us have control over flu germs. But if you can, the two do NOT mix. I am only slightly exaggerating when I say I felt like death for about 24 hours.

And now, I am getting increasingly eager for my first ultrasound Friday!

Many thanks for the continued prayers - I know your words have helped hold my spirits.


  1. Yea for hurdles behind you! Hopeful for a great ultrasound on Friday!

  2. Friday can't get here fast enough! Excited!!!

  3. Hope you all are doing well. thinking of you and prayers said.