Sunday, October 5, 2014

7QT - The Real Life Edition

7 quick takes sm1  7 Quick Takes about driving in DC, meeting fabulous people, and outing myself as an airplane stalker nerd

1.  My ultrasound is scheduled for 10/10 at 10. thirty.  Adding the thirty kind of breaks the repetition I had going on there.  I am starting to get excited.  The advent of pregnancy symptoms has definitely encouraged excitement.  Feeling cruddy, yay!  Want to sleep all day, yay!  Clothes starting to feel snug, yay! Well, err, maybe more surprise at that last one than celebration.  I'm only 6.5 weeks - snug already?! Haven't gained any weight, maybe even lost a little as I can't eat as much in a sitting, but "things" are rearranging. 

2.  Homeschooling has had an interesting start.  While I've done some casual work with the children before, this is the first time I've ever attempted work in which they might need correction.  And we had a rocky beginning learning each other's personalities.  Thanks to advice from many seasoned friends, I have learned that Cora and Mac need to be schooled separately, even subjects in which they are seemingly the same level. Amazing transformation of our school day.  Another life saver is these things:

I purchased mine from a local teacher store.  And now math is not a battle.  Well, the math itself was never the battle; number formation for hands that just weren't quite ready yet to write them was at fault (especially little boy hands).
3.  I've taught two preK/K classes so far.  We meet two Wednesdays a month and I teach a class that has a science theme though is not limited to science activities.  Class one we talked about apples, apple trees, and tested kitchen ingredients that could possibly slow the browning process of apples.  Class two was devoted to outer space, specifically the moon and the sun.  And we did an extraordinarily messy experiment exploring the formation of craters on the moon.  Class three will be this week and our topic is the ocean.  It is truly amazing how many good finds are available on pinterest.  And how intimidated I am by the professional primary teachers. 
4.  Sometimes I wonder how much Hank, our Great Dane, can understand what we say to him.  Fridays are family movie nights.  One day, in preparation for our movie, I called out to the kids, "Go get your favorite stuffed animal and sit on the couch!"  And Hank went to his toy basket, pulled out his stuffed gator, and laid down in front of the couch clutching his toy. 
Another time Bryan was trying to get Cora to give him a hug.  She was persistently ignoring his "pleas".  However, Hank sauntered over and put his head on Bryan's shoulder.  Yes, Danes can do that when you are sitting.  And that is what you call a Dane hug.
5.  We have a relatively new rule at our house:  No swinging with sticks.  Though the rule went into effect after one loss, Mac has now destroyed two pairs of shorts and torn a third by "forgetting" this rule.  Yes, I'd have to say boys are harder on clothes than girls.
6.  I lead a Moms' Group at our church.  We meet two times a month to discuss a book chapter and for social time.  We just finished our last book (Style, Sex, and Substance) and voted on a new book.  Starting October 16, we'll be studying My Sisters the Saints.  Ever read it before?  Are there any other books you'd recommend? 
7.  And, lastly, I thought I'd throw in a random fact about me to make it to number seven.  I grew up in a household that demanded you eat all the food on your plate.  I hated peas and lima beans but had to eat them regardless.  So I taught myself to swallow them whole.  Any deep dark food secrets from your past?

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  1. God bless you!!! My sister the saints is amazing!!!