Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request - EDITED

The news blurb from Wyoming Catholic College's facebook page: 
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Two young daughters of one of our professors, Dr. Sean Lewis, were in a devastating car accident this morning. One daughter, age 3, is being Life Flighted to Salt Lake City at this time, and the other, age 6, is to follow as soon as possible. Dr. Lewis and his wife, Becca, have asked us to besiege Heaven on their daughters' behalf, particularly asking for the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Sean is a college friend of mine.  His wife, Becca, graduated a few years  after us.  I have received word that the whole family is now in Salt Lake City together.  (They have one more daughter who was not in the car at the time,)
Here is local news coverage of the accident.  As if the accident wasn't terrifying enough, the original coverage reported that the girls had perished in the accident.  This information has been corrected since the first report. 
Please pray for health, peace, and comfort.  And that God guides, not just the Lewis family, but their medical caregivers too.

EDIT - I found out late this afternoon that both girls went to their Heavenly home today.  I am so unbelievably sad for this family.  Please remember Sean, Becca, and Vivian as they grieve the loss of Emma and Olivia.

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