Thursday, March 13, 2014

Unseen debris

CRACK!  Eyes whip up from reading today's Gospel passage.  Road swerves wildly.  Husband fights van for control.  Not the road swerving. It's us.  Cement barrier zips closer and closer and then it's gone. Spin. Spin. Time slows unbelievably.  White knuckles clutch the steering wheel.  Acrid burning rubber wafts through closed window.  Dear God, don't let us crash.  Don't let us be hit.  Spin.  Cars coming.  Dear God.  Full stop.  Perpendicular. Three lanes over.  Semi coming.  Bryan, move the car!  Dear God, don't let us crash!  Car moves, inches across one more lane.  Reach the shoulder. Breath comes in gasps.  Mac cries, scared, not hurt.  Cora laughs.  Silly child. And then we breathe.  Thank you, God.  Thank You!

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