Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back in the game!

Got the call this morning while I was teaching our weekly preschool co-op, I am back in the game!  Our December cycle is a go and the transfer is on for THIS SUNDAY morning, December 15. 

Having a transfer on Sunday is kinda stinky.  We'll round up the minions, all two of them, and head to Mass Saturday evening.  Guess I'll load them up on snacks before church because a 5:30 pm Mass with kids just ain't pretty.  On the bright side, Grandma will be with us and perhaps the chilluns will be better behaved with her as our guest.  (Grandma has graciously offered to watch the kids while we venture further into central Tejas for the transfer).

A six day transfer (embryos were grown for six days before being frozen originally in 2003) yields an official pregnancy test on Christmas Eve.  While I'm sure I can find labs open that day, at least in the morning, I'm wondering about the availability of results that afternoon.  Supposed to be a STAT test, does that apply on Christmas Eve?  I imagine we'll do a home test that morning, or the day prior, but it'd be nice to have some numbers to ease my concerns.  Hopefully.  Dear Lord, can we please have some Christmas miracles?

And while I haven't plugged in the dates to a due date calculator, I have done a rough estimate myself.  Early September.  And this is good, very good, because hubby's deployment is for later that month.  So unless my math is wrong or we end up with one very stubborn baby, there's a great chance Bryan can meet our little Habeep and/or Bappio in the flesh before he departs.

My brain amuses me at times.  Many times to be honest.  Yesterday, after realizing we're looking at early September, I was thinking of all the members of the September birth club that I know.  My sisters.  My sister-in-law.  My niece.  All GIRLS.  And then my brain decided that I will be having twin girls in September.  Because, you know, things work like that.

The novena is back on again as well, nine days of prayer for the lives of our adopted embryos and that our prayers to again be parents may be answered. 

Dear St. Gerard and St. Anne, Servants of God, this is a novena for your intercession that Andrea becomes pregnant and delivers healthy babies who will glorify and praise God.
Good St. Gerard, powerful intercessor before the throne of God, wonder-worker of our day, we call upon you and seek your aid.  You know how much Bryan and Andrea desire the gift of more children.  Please present these fervent pleas to the Creator of life from whom all parenthood proceeds and beseech Him to bless this couple with children whom they may raise as His children and heirs of heaven.   

St Anne, you gave birth at a late age to our Queen of heaven and earth, the Most Holy Mary. That is what God wanted. With God nothing is impossible. We believe that God, Creator of heaven and earth will look kindly upon Andrea and give her the blessing, through Mary, the Virgin Mother of God and your intercession, of becoming a mother of her adopted children whom she will love and thank God for.
Dear Saints Gerard and Anne, please help our prayers to be answered and that Andrea’s womb will be filled with the beating hearts of tiny babies. We already give you thanks and sincerely believe in your intercession.*

Any prayers or good thoughts will be much appreciated in these coming days!

*A quick note for any non-Catholics reading this, when we pray to Saints in heaven, we are not detracting from Christ's heavenly glory.  We are merely asking individuals who have shown a special strength in an area (in this case, motherhood or care of mothers) to add their prayers to our own.  Just as we might ask earthly friends to pray for us, so we ask those in heaven to pray for those of us still fighting the good fight on earth.  The Saints' proximity to God makes their prayers more powerful than our own, though any graces we receive come from Christ Himself through His friends in heaven.

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