Friday, December 20, 2013

A letter

I wrote this December 12, three days before the embryo transfer.

Dear Habeep and Bappio,

I get to meet you soon.  I may only get to carry you for a very brief while, yet know that I love you.  Your Daddy loves you.  Your sister and brother  love you tremendously and already regale me with tales of your future joint exploits.

I hope, I pray, I dream that you get to stay with me a long, long while.  That you both grow in my womb for nine months and go on to greet the world full of life!

For you have we waited so long.  I pray that you both can become my Christmas joys.  Christmas week will be my first chance to find out if you're nestling in or have already moved on towards heaven.  Please, stay awhile.

Please be my Christmas joy.



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