Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two and a Half

Well, the two and a half marker has come and gone.  I took kid measurements on almost the right day and am posting in the right month.  Maybe I get some sort of honorable mention mommy award?

Both kids are just over 39 inches tall and 42 pounds.  They wear mostly 5T clothes.  The sleeves are a little long in some shirts and the pants often need to be cuffed, but nothing smaller will fit their shoulders/ribs/hips.  It truly amazes me how close in size these two continue to be.  Oh, and they're potty trained!  Well, at least potty trained enough that our diapering budget has been GREATLY reduced.  And I'm becoming familiar with the location of every public restroom in every building we frequent. 

Two and a half year olds are pretty hilarious, when they're not encouraging your hair to turn white (let's not look too closely at the hair at my temples) or making you foam at the mouth.

These kids love to sing, including theme songs to their favorite tv shows.  We often sing a parody of a Cat in the Hat song at lunchtime:  "Trees, trees, glorious trees" becomes "cheese, cheese, glorious cheese". Cora gave it her own twist today and came waltzing out of the master closet singing "shoes, shoes, glorious shoes" - two pairs of high heels completed her ensemble. 

Mac's memory is incredible.  He's started giving me directions to stores when we're out driving.  Including stores he's only been to once before.  Conversation with him can be somewhat a nightmare, due to his memory and random associations.  He spent a good five minutes the other day detailing a whole list of things he wanted to see.  I eventually realized he was describing the posters in the story room at the library - we haven't been there in over a month.

He and Cora were pretending to be doctors the other day when Mac announced, "I'm Doctor B____!"  I racked my brain, furiously going over the list of all tv doctors I could think trying to decide where this name came from.  And then I realized that's the name of his actual pediatrician.  Whom he's seen twice since we moved here in June. 

We love the Brother Francis videos at our house.  Santa put "Let's Pray" and "The Eucharist" in the kids' stockings.  Not only do we now hear the Our Father sung day in and day out while the kids play, but they're reenacting scenes from the movies, especially the saint portrayals.  "Blessed Imelda wasn't big enough to receive Jesus.  I'm not either."  Holding up a sandwich a lunch, "This is the Lamb of God, the Eucharist".   They'll often use Cora's tea set as a set of chalices, patens, and ciborium and set up the microwave in their kitchen as a tabernacle.  It's not unusual to see one or both of them kneeling in front of their kitchen, "I'm praying like Blessed Imelda!"

Books come to life regularly.  I love listening to them read books to themselves.  Where the Wild Things Are and Going on a Bear Hunt are current favorites.  Oh, and Tikki Tikki Tembo (ever read that book?  Can you still recite the older brother's name?  Passing on a legacy here - first my siblings and I could say his name, now my kids can rattle it off - Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo!)

And then there are the bikes.


Cora and Mac each received a balance bike for Christmas.  And they LOVE them.  As long as the bikes stay clean, they can even ride them inside.  These aren't just any ordinary bikes, though, they double as motorcycles.  Routinely, the kids will put on their "Army clothes" and back their "motorcycles" down the driveway. They'll ride madly to some other driveway and then stop and "exercise".  Then they come back to "take a shower" and then they get back on their "motorcycles" and ride to their "offices".  And then it's time for a lunch break and off they zoom to a "restaurant".  Any guesses who they're imitating?

Two and a half is exhausting, exhilarating, and hilarious.  Sometimes I feel like I need a coffee iv put in.  Other times I feel I need to just sit back and watch the circus perform.  And every day I thank God for the joy these two bring to my life.

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