Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And a step backwards. Or sideways, perhaps.

So remember how I just posted all glowingly about clinic two and how easy it was to make a choice between the two clinics we interviewed?

We have to go with clinic one now.

For some reason, clinic two more than doubles their frozen embryo transfer (FET) fees if you are using donor embryos.  Not that I have extensive knowledge on the topic, but  no other clinic that I have talked to doubles their fees for donor FETs.  The best price they could give me was around $4500.

In comparison, clinic one's estimated fees came back at under $2000 with our military discount.  After the kerfluffle with clinic two, I'm in the process of verifying that clinic one's fee estimate is indeed accurate for us.  But still.  A $2500 difference?!?

In other news, tomorrow I have a phone interview with the matching coordinator of the Snowflake Program.  I hopefully will also get to ask more about that possible match and about the scholarship (both mentioned last post).  Perhaps I'll find out if we'll even be eligible for the scholarship...

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  1. Im so sorry that you have had to compromise on the clinic, and I will pray that they maybe just had a bad day on Friday and will be good from here on in. It's too bad that they could not explain to you satisfactorily why they double their fees for donor FETs. Love and prayers from the Hillenbrands!