Friday, April 3, 2015

32 weeks and change

32 Weeks.

I've been mentally tabulating a list of things to say about this point in pregnancy but have rarely been close enough to the computer to actually transcribe anything.

I have gained about 25 pounds so far and am carrying Violet drastically differently than I carried the twins.  Two pieces of evidence on that:  1. My maternity tanks that I wore constantly at the end of my twin pregnancy don't even cover my belly.  2.  (Female note coming - males, consider yourselves warned) my bra size is completely different this time too.  Twin pregnancy - up one band size and one cup size.  This pregnancy - no band change but up two cup sizes.

All this goes to show that this baby is LOW.  Basically, you could shove a personal watermelon under the bottom of your shirt and do a good impression of me. Until next week, when we'd need to upsize the fruit to something larger.

Violet looks great via ultrasound!  If the perinatalogist's estimates are correct, then she might even be five pounds today.  She was 4lbs12oz Tuesday. Based on the last growth estimate three weeks prior, she appears to be gaining about a half a pound a week now.

This singleton pregnancy has been so much more painful than the twins.  I don't know if  it's the matter of swimming solo or if she just has extra bony knees and elbows, but this baby can take my breath away with her forceful judo chops and kicks.

I am officially a "normal" patient at my perinatologist again! After six weeks of weekly cervical checks, it appears I am now out of the danger zone. We're decreasing from weekly ultrasounds to periodic growth scans. I actually get a four week breather on perinatal appointments!

I may have done a little online shopping.  Or perhaps, a lot, considering what I actually needed to buy. I did realize that though I didn't need to fully replace crib bedding, I wanted to. And we could afford to do so (at least, I shopped online at much more frugal stores this time - no more Pottery Barn Kids).  Oh, the dangers of Amazon Prime!  And I got good deals so that counts for something, right? :-)

Overall, I have a lot of reasons to celebrate.  Violet is healthy and growing very well. My doctor visit schedule for April is one third of what it was in March.  And there's an amazing breeze blowing through the living room as I rest on the couch and type in solitude.  (Kids are outside somewhere with Bryan.)

Today is a blessing.

PS.  The first two pictures go to show that clothes do indeed make a difference.  I look less voluminous in the more fitted shirt even though that's the more recent picture.  Picture three shows a "new garment" I've been wearing frequently upon my OB's suggestion - a maternity support belt.  My amniotic fluid levels have been fluctuating a lot (causing me some pain).  OB figured the belt was worth a try.  It's ehhh.  Sort of helps, sort of is just really uncomfortable as we approach hot weather.  It is helpful when I stand though and helps me with transitioning from sitting to standing or reclining or whatever.  So, I keep trying...


  1. Wow, that's so crazy that a single baby is more difficult to carry than twins! Whoda thunk it?! And you look lovely pregnant, btw!

    Anyhoo, I found your blog through a fellow blogger. I thought I would just drop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you did the same.. or better yet, keep in touch! <3 -

  2. God's so good! Keep it up, you're doing a good job mamma.