Sunday, September 14, 2014

Babies on my brain

I am not a compulsive home pregnancy test (HPT) taker. I'll take one hpt the day of the actual lab work.  And while I have kept my brain busy during waking hours, apparently it gets back to the baby business while I'm sleeping.

I dreamed one night that Bryan was holding quintuplets in his lap, beautiful bouncy black boys of about nine months old. Needless to say, his lap was pretty full. In the same dream, I learned I was pregnant with triplets. The rest of my dream was spent wandering the house, contemplating which corners could support the weight of baby hammocks to accomodate our rapidly growing brood.

I've dreamed about quadruplets.  Sure, why couldn't both embryos split? ;-)

Last night I dreamed that my HPT could tell me the exact hcg level. I read the test and saw a 2170. Oh, that's a huge number, I thought. (For frame of reference, my positive tests thus far have ranged from 76 to 250's for my first blood draw.).  And then, dream me looked at the HPT again and read a 20,170.  WOW! Dream me was almost bowled over by the enormous number.  And then my dream fast forwarded to the clinic and the first ultrasound. And we're all staring at the screen trying to count just how many heart beats we're seeing.

Apparently my subconscious is trying to set me up for my own TLC show.

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