Thursday, November 7, 2013


Have you seen that November thankfulness challenge that's going around on Facebook?  I'm not doing that one, largely because I'm not mentally organized enough to post something everyday.  And also because there are some days where I'm just not very thankful.

Today's not one of those days. Today my heart is swelling a bit with pride (the good kind), joy, and thankfulness.

At the urging of my priest last year (and the urging of my lonely spirit), I started up a Moms Group at my church.  Pushed me way out of my comfort zone because, when you get down to it, I'm more of a planner than an executer.  Is that the right word?   It looks funny... Anyway, I digress.  I was lonely and we hadn't been in Texas long.  God, through my priest, said  stop whining and go help yourself.

And I did.  begrudgingly.

Now a year and change later, I have the most wonderful friends to show for it.

One of the moms in our group has really had a dismal last five weeks. She's pregnant, has been put on bed rest and can only walk with a walker when ambulating is necessary.  She has a toddler at home and a deployed husband.  In light of her hardship, I am blown away by the selflessness of our little group.  One organized a meal train.  We've all been taking turns babysitting the toddler.  Today, we had a "pimp my walker" party at  Moms Group.  The walker looks very autumnal now, in case you were curious.

Our kids all love each other and pitch fits when they have to leave someone else's house.  The husbands don't even protest too much when they're dragged along to a gathering.

The other moms have decided to organize a novena for our upcoming embryo transfer.  Note to non-Catholics, a novena is a prayer said nine times, usually once a day for nine days, but any frequency could work.  We're the only couple dealing with infertility and adoption in our group, but it is not a taboo topic by any means.

And I like it. We are all accepted as we are, where we are in life.  My little group gives and loves selflessly.  We share in the joys and sorrows of Catholic motherhood.  We share in the joys and sorrows of loving our Soldiers (and an airman too).  Oh, and we share coffee, wine, and desserts too.

Thank you, God, for pushing me out of my comfort zone last year.  I am so blessed.

Oh, and on another note, I am very thankful that our adopted embryos are now at our clinic waiting for us.  See you in two weeks, Habeep and Bappio!

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