Thursday, August 8, 2013

Interviewing kids

I've been trying to formulate a reflective post on the fact that the kids are now three.  And it just hasn't been happening.  I decided to involve the kids in the process and interview them instead.  After asking a question, if I didn't immediately get a response, I'd turn it into a multiple choice question to get some thoughts flowing.

When was your birthday? 
Mac - last month in July; Cora - July 18

How old are you?
Both - FWEE!! Fingers held high.

What are your favorite movies? 
Both - Mulan, Tigger Movie, the Heffalump movie, Nemo.  (Then they went on and listed every movie they could remember in our entertainment center, most of which they hadn't seen:  Bugs, Cars, Incredibles...)

What's your favorite color?
Mac - blue, like firemen wear; Cora - blue

What's your favorite thing to eat?
Mac - noodles; Cora - yogurt (decision possibly influenced by the fact we were eating yogurt at the time)

What's your favorite fruit?
Both - all fruits!

What's your favorite veggie?
Mac - NO!  Cora - salad, green beans (she likes them raw), french fries  :-)

Mac, describe what Cora looks like.
She has green eyes, brown hair it's straight and curly and long.  She's tall.  She's kinda loud at nighttime (she's been snoring terribly lately)

Cora, describe what Mac looks like.
He has blue eyes and light brown hair.  It's short and curly.  He's tall.  He has loud feet and a loud mouth.

Note - both kids are about 41 inches tall and 46 pounds.  They tower over their other three year old friends and are much closer in size to their five year old friends.  They wear size 13 shoes and clothes that are usually at least a size 6.

What are some of your favorite things to do at home?
Mac - make pillow caves, play Busy Town especially when the pigs eat, play on the ipad, puzzles, legos, watch movies and eat popcorn
Cora - color pictures, watch movies and eat popcorn, play with my babies, play with Hank (the dog), puzzles, ipad, play Busy Town, bounce my basketballs

What does Daddy do?
Mac - clean dishes and go to work and play Busy Town and sleep.  He's a soldier.

What does Momma do?
Cora - clean dishes, give Mac and Cora a bath, clean fans (what we had just done that morning), put me to bed

How old is Momma?
Both - one

How old is Daddy?
Both - one

How old is Hank?
Mac - no numbers; Cora - two (I'm intrigued that the dog is older than both Bryan and I)

What is Daddy's name?
Both - Bryan

What is Momma's name?
Mac - Andra (written phonetically)

What do you want to be when you grow up?  How many kids will you have?
Mac - a fireman; firemen don't have kids
Cora - a doctor with five kids

I think next time I interview the kids, I may try to separate them.  I asked questions over breakfast today and Mac burst out with all his answers, even when I tried to address them specifically to Cora.

They both know our address, but I'm not writing that for the obvious privacy reasons.  Actually they're quite in tune with street names and can give directions to our normal destinations (groceries, library, pet store...)

The memory of a three year old is pretty incredible.  Both Cora and Mac know their basic prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, O My Jesus, and grace, plus the various Mass responses/prayers).  Cora can sing her version of the Salve Regina.

They have picked up random tidbits from tv, like the colors of the rainbow and that milk comes from cow udders. 

We read a lot of books but they don't have any lasting favorites. Or perhaps I should say all books are their favorites? 

Overall, they have very inquisitive minds and I try, as best I can, to answer their queries.  Lately they've been very interested in spelling words.  I've started keeping notecards near the kitchen table.  This way I can draw a simple picture and label it so we can "practice reading and spelling" while the meal wraps up. 

Bonus - best picture ever.  If you'll notice, Mac's birthday present is packaged in a diaper box.  Oh, if you could have heard his indignation upon unwrapping a big box only to find what he thought was a box of diapers!  It wasn't. It was trains.



  1. That's so cute! I love their answers!!! :) Their memory is AWESOME!!! Proud proud parents!!! So...what do you want for your 2nd birthday, Andrea? :)
    -Kim, Eva and H2

  2. Firemen have no kids? Love this! You are so very young too!!