Friday, April 12, 2013

Discussing Adoption

We're just about the only family at our church Moms' Group that doesn't have a baby.  Cora and Mac both like babies, but Cora especially is in love with them. She asks, each time Moms' Group meets, if she can hold whichever baby I'm holding.  While you can't leave a two and a half year old unattended with a baby, Cora does very well with the non-walking crowd.  We have had a few discussions on how you can't force a crawling baby into your lap though...

For Cora and Mac's first birthday, I made them board books explaining in the most basic terms how they joined their family. You can see the transcript here.

As we've progressed in our current adoption, I've asked the kids if they want more girl babies or boy babies or both.  They definitely want both and are looking forward to teaching their new siblings all their current tricks.

Today's lunch was probably the most detailed adoption conversation we've had.  I can't remember how exactly the conversation started, but I remember several tidbits from the middle.

Me:  Most mommas and daddies can make their own baby seeds.  Daddy and I can't.  Sometimes other mommas and daddies have extra baby seeds and they decide to share.  That's what happened with yall.  Another Daddy and Momma named G. and T. had some extra baby seeds.  They loved them very much but couldn't use them.  So, after we signed lots and lots of papers and adopted you, G. and T. gave us the extra baby seeds.  A doctor put them in my tummy.  One baby seed was a Mac baby seed.  One baby seed was a Cora baby seed.

Mac:  When I get bigger, I'm gonna have baby seeds in my tummy.

Me:  Well, no, you can't.  Girls can become mommas.  Baby seeds only grow in a momma's tummy.  Boys can grow up to be daddies.

Cora:  I'm gonna have lots of babies in my tummy.

Me:  Would you like to have more brothers and sisters?  In one month, a doctor is going to put more baby seeds in my tummy.  Just like when we got you, we're adopting baby seeds from a family that has extra.  B. and S. love their baby seeds, but can't use them and so they're giving them to us. 

Cora:  sidetracked, asks about the fly buzzing about

Mac:  Tell me more about the babies!

Me:  We need to pray to God to ask that He help these little baby seeds live and grow and become big and strong.  All babies need God's help to grow.

Mac:  And we can teach them to ride bikes! 

Cora:  And I'll share my toys!

Me:  Well, remember, when babies are just born, they don't know how to do too much.  They can just eat, cry, sleep, and poop.  But when they get bigger, you can teach them.

The conversation then drifted off into pregnancy stories of Mac and Cora, tales of poop, and the whereabouts of one pesky fly.

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