Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Welcome You With All Our Hearts

Cora and Mac:  Welcome to the Family!
Picture on each page plus front and back (opt) cover
Pg 1.  Once upon a time, Momma and Daddy fell in love and got married.
Pg 2.  We loved each other so much, we asked God for children.
Pg 3.  God heard our prayers and said “I have something special planned for you.”
Pg 4.  Meanwhile, God gave another mother and father lots of blessings – three big babies and some little bitty baby seeds.
Pg 5.  This other mother and father said “our hearts are full!  Let’s share our little bitty baby seeds with someone who doesn’t have any.”
Pg 6.  Some nice people helped introduce us to the other mother and father.
Pg 7.  We agreed to adopt the little bitty baby seeds and love them forever and ever.
Pg 8.  A doctor put the little bitty baby seeds in Momma’s tummy to grow bigger and stronger.
Pg 9.  Two little baby seeds grew and grew and grew.
Pg 10.  And Momma’s belly grew and grew and grew.
Pg 11.  Finally the doctor said it’s time to meet your babies.  We were so excited!
Pg 12.  You were born on July 18, Cora first and then Mac.
Pg 13.  We rejoiced!  God had answered our prayers and had given us two beautiful healthy babies.
Pg 14.  And one month after you entered our family, you were baptized and joined Jesus’s family.

Who would have thought that writing a book for one year olds would be difficult?!  And yet, choosing pictures is becoming infinitely more trying!


  1. Wonderful! Love it!

    And yes, it is difficult to write books for little ones.

  2. What a great book! I'm Lauren's (Magnify the Lord) friend who has been hogging her comment box all day. :) Congrats on your twins!