Friday, October 26, 2012

Little Update

Just a little update...

All our homestudy paperwork is in.  Bryan and I are fingerprinted (fastest process ever - all digital and not at a police station - took at most seven minutes). 

Our home visit is scheduled for Nov. 14, a two and a half hour interview of all of us by a social worker.  Though the agency doesn't technically interview children until they're three years old, it'll be interesting to see if our s.w. can get any coherent answers out of Cora and Mac.  I know they'll have lots to say while she's here; it just will be on their own terms and topics!

My personal goal is to submit our Snowflake Adoption application by December 3.  With luck, our final homestudy write-up will be completed by early December too.  This time frame hopefully will allow time for basic processing before the craziness of the holidays and then we can be matched early 2013.  At least I hope so.  Matching before Christmas would be breathtakingly fast, but we'll need our tax refund before we can move too much further in that process.

I found two fertility clinics in the closest big city that will accept embryos from another clinic.  I'll need to interrogate them, I mean, research them further and chose one.  Potentially we'll have our initial consultation in January, start meds in February, and transfer in March.  If everything runs smoothly.  If not, we just bump the timeline back accordingly.

Right now our only potential speedbump is finances.  Could you please say a prayer that we be granted precisely the money we need for this adoption, precisely when we need it?  Thank you!

ps.  I realize that prayer might be a little too vague for my comfort, knowing how God likes to interpret things His own way.  Feel free to be more specific when you and God have that chat.  ;-)

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