Saturday, May 30, 2015

Violet is....

Still not here yet.  :-)

Did I trick you?  Lure you in, expecting a gender reveal or birth announcement?  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I've had to ban myself from reading labor symptoms online.  All these lists come with the caveat that such and such symptom could be a sign of impending labor.  Or not.

And in my case, symptoms are there. But not active labor.

The "worst" symptom so far is the inner thigh cramps that often accompany contractions.  Thank goodness only one leg is affected.  I almost fall over when I have these contractions each evening.

Monday, June 1, I will have my first dilation check plus a more "vigorous" check to possibly help get things going.  I've been turning down the dilation exams so far as I know they don't really signal too much.

If Monday's OB appointment doesn't get things going, then we will start some sort of induction on Wednesday.  I'll be 41 weeks then.   (!!!)

All this waiting and I still haven't packed my hospital bag. We live only about seven minutes away from the hospital and I have been procrastinating.  I do have a stack of things on the side of my dresser, so I guess that sort of counts?

I'll keep you posted!

PS.  I've asked this on Facebook but want to ask here as well. Do you have any prayer requests I can offer up during labor?  You can post a comment or email me. Or just say "a personal intention" if it's a private matter.

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