Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prayer request

I struggle with fear.  One particular fear of mine this pregnancy has been preterm delivery. I rejoiced when I hit viability at 24 weeks.

The news my cervix was prematurely shortening wasn't extremely alarming, in and of itself.  However, I had a friend just deliver at 27 weeks.  And then I overdid things on Thursday and had a lot of pelvic pressure Friday, a sign of preterm labor.

And my mind, which had been doing a decent job of keeping fear at bay, completely succumbed to it.

There is no local hospital that can handle micro-preemies.  My closest hospital, only five minutes away, only has a Level 1 nursery. They send all premature deliveries, regardless of gestational age, to Austin.  There are other hospitals nearby that have Level 2 NICU's but I don't know details.

I feel kind of helpless. I am not having preterm labor symptoms now.  But I am still on self-prescribed bed rest through the weekend. Unfortunately, this gives my hypersensitive brain ample time to analyze EVERYTHING.

The baby is moving like normal, alternating periods of high activity with sleeping. Of course, in my hypersensitive state, I don't like those periods of "sleeping baby" even though I know they are totally normal.

Can you please send up some prayers for me and Violet? For peace, health, and wisdom to know when to act, if needed?

St. Gerard, pray for us. St. Anne, pray for us.  St. Gianna, pray for us.

EDIT: I want to add that, should I deliver now (26w3d), I'd be sent to Austin as baby would need the Level 3 NICU.  My interest in a Level 2 NICU is what if  I deliver in the early-mid 30 weeks of gestation?  What's my best move then?

I have my follow up perinatal appt Tuesday and will be going in with a list of questions!


  1. Praying for perfect peace for you and a full term, healthy little "Violet"

  2. Also, the closest NICU period is 30 minutes from me. I've been told any hospital that delivers is able to stabilize and ship. That still scares me, but knowing that if push comes to shove the service is needed, they can maintain the baby til it gets where it needs to be is somewhat comforting.