Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Me and the Media

Our last few weeks in Virginia, I decided that I didn't have enough on our plate with packing, renting out our house, researching places to live in Texas, and the normal day to day toddler antics. Given my ample free time (hah!), I agreed to be interviewed by a reporter out of Northern Virginia for a piece on embryo adoption.

I was beyond nervous as the interview approached. Would I be represented fairly? Would the Church's point of view be represented appropriately (both by me and then through the editing stage)? How would the kids behave during the filming?

I'll be honest, filming was tough. I was wired for sound and had to attempt to sit in one spot on my couch for an hour while the kids roamed about. And by roamed about, I mean over, under, and around me. Overall, though, the newspeople were able to piece together a decent clip.

There's also a short article that accompanied the news footage: "Controversial Embryo Adoptions on the Rise".

My largest complaint is that the reporter/editor spelled our son's name wrong - he's Mac and not Max. And if that's the only complaint I have, I think everything turned out okay.

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