Friday, May 27, 2011

Topics for the Future

(please note:  these are arranged randomly, not in order of importance or interest, but merely in the order that my brain was working at the moment of typing)

1.     Annotated bibliography of sources/suggested reading list
2.    What is a snowflake?
3.    Common embryo transfer and embryo adoption terminology
4.    Common misconceptions
5.    Defense of embryo adoption before the release of Dignitas Personae
6.    Defense of embryo adoption after the release of Dignitas Personae
7.    Embryo adoption versus embryo donation
8.    Analysis of different embryo adoption agencies
9.    Matching criteria
10. Contracts with fertility clinics
11. Medical protocol for the embryo transfer
12. Preserving dignity of each embryo through the embryo transfer
13. Why the Church’s position is just
14. Open versus closed adoption
15. Telling your children of their unique origin (given the young age of our kids, this will be more sharing resources than personal experience)
Is there anything you’d like me to address that isn’t mentioned above?  Are there any points mentioned above that are of special interest to you?


  1. This will probably be addressed in some of the topics you already have above, but I would want to hear more about the specific connections between Biology and Moral Theology in this area. That is, as I understand it, one of the foundational concepts in Catholic Moral Theology regarding reproduction is that one is not to introduce the "unnatural" into the reproductive act. Embryo Adoption would seem to present a problem similar to IVF: it is "unnatural", taking an embryo not produced naturally and implanting it. In EA, of course, you are saving an embryo who would otherwise die, rather than creating an embryo that will probably die, so therein lies the moral complexity, but I'd like to see a treatment of the Biological foundations to Moral Theology that deals with the "unnatural" in EA.

    Thanks for starting this blog; this is a fascinating topic and needs to be explored. (And, of course, your children are beautiful, so there is empirical evidence that EA has at least some good!)

  2. Oh- 3 please! I find the very early stages of child growth to be fascinating, so terms would be awesome!

    And 15- I've wondered about that. Do y'all have any plans yet? :)

  3. Sean, I will be covering the concept of "natural" vs "unnatural" in an upcoming entry, most likely in one discussing the morality of the embryo transfer.

    Unfortunately, I'm working on three different entries right now, so it'll be a little while before I get to that specific topic.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Haley, to answer number 15 briefly, we hope for them to always just know that they're adopted, so questions will flow naturally. To help get that started, I'm hoping to craft a "story of me" for their first birthday.